Getting started

Set up the development environment

Please see the download section for the basic setup instructions.

Check out Pharmacy Austria

pharmat_clerkWe have created a sample application settled in the health domain. Pharmacy Austria (PHARMAT) is an application that resembles a strongly limited, yet sufficient, functional set to allow for the generation of a user manual.

newTabsIn order to try using Ecrit on it, please check out the repository into your Eclipse workspace. If you take a look at the Application.e4xmi file you will see a new tab for each of the application model elements called Documentation. This tab contains the so called semantic description, that is the information about the reason the respective element does exist in the first place. This is the main information that will be embedded into the user manual.

Generate a sample user manual

createDocumentationTo create a user manual, select the Application.e4xmi file and open the drop-down menu using your right mouse button. Subsequently select Ecrit/Create Documentation. By default Ecrit features a HTML output plugin. As an alternative you can now also choose Latex as output. The only thing left is to select a directory to create the documentation into.

Try it on your application model

Try the tooling on your application model file. If you face any problems or have any feedback, please do not hesitate to drop us a mail (see contacts) or open an issue on github.

See the current sample

On each build a sample HTML user manual is generated out of the current PHARMAT application model. As this points to the development version, please accept that the link might not work on some time or the information is incorrect in some way.

An example of a PDF file created from a generated latex output can be seen here.