Getting involved

Contributions to Écrit are very much welcome! In order to get involved into the development, please follow these steps to set-up your development environment.

Setup your work environment

There are basically two ways to setup you workspace:

  1. Automatically: use the setup file
  2. Manually: clone the repositories and set the target

Automatically: use the setup file

  1. Download Eclipse Oomph Installer and unzip it to a location of your choice.
  2. Place the Ecrit.setup file from next to the setup executable in the unzipped folder (see How can I add my own setup files?)
  3. Execute the setup-eclipse and check Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers. Press Next.
  4. Select the ecrit project next.

    1. In case you do not have the ecrit project to select try the following
      1. Try to drag the Ecrit.setup over to the project and drop it
      2. Failing the above you can locate the file

        and add the following line:

         <project href="file:/C:/Setup/Ecrit.setup#/"/>
        • Make sure this is an absolute URI starting with file: or http:
        • use / as the segment separator
        • note the #/ at the end refers to the root object in your *.setup resource


  5. Fill out the asked variables and follow the installation instructions…
    It can take a while till everything is loaded and the setup will restart during the installation.

  6. Once the setup is finished your package explorer should look quite similar to this…
  7. You should now be able to open an eclipse environment where you have the respective documentation tabs (about, perspective switcher, documentation) in the application model. To see what’s possible and how things work try out the Demo Applications (Pharmacy_AT) Application.e4xmi or see Getting started

Manually: clone the repositories and set the target

  1. Download and setup Eclipe Luna RCP
  2. Install eGit and clone the following repositories:
  3. Import all the projects an set the  (part of the project
  4. Once you’re finished you should now as well be able to open the eclipse environment which contains the documentation tabs for the application model.